Piaggio Aerospace

Advantage Aviation Technologies promises fastest turn times, highest quality, longest warranty and best prices!

Here at Advantage Aviation Technologies, we offer a variety of services for your Piaggio Aircraft. We have some of the fastest turnaround times in the country and the best technicians in the business. From Landing Gear Overhaul to Repairing the Actuators – we have you covered.

Complete Piaggio P180 Main and Nose Landing Gear Overhaul and Exchange Program

AAT is proud to offer Piaggio owners an alternative to high cost and lengthy delays in return to service when choosing our company to overhaul your landing gear. Many times, AAT can repair your landing gear parts to avoid the need to purchase costly new parts. Not only do we have over 4,000 FAA approved repairs, we also manufacture in house hard to get, overpriced new parts from the OEM.

Our exchange program offers owners a loaner landing gear to use while your original landing gear is in the shop. This avoids lengthy ground times and saves you money!

Piaggio Actuator Repair, Overhaul, Reseal and Exchange

AAT also offers a Piaggio Actuator Exchange program. This is a great alternative to high cost and lengthy delays in return to service – take our loaner while we are overhauling yours.

Piaggio P180 Transmission Shaft Repair & Inspect

Part Numbers: C132760-1/2, C132761-1/2, & C132272-1/2

Piaggio Actuator Harness Repair

We can repair – instead of replace – your Piaggio Actuator Harness in record time.

Piaggio P180 Exhaust Duct Repair & Inspect

Part Numbers: 80-336013-403

Evaluate, Engineer and Develop State of the Art Repairs on All Piaggio Parts and Components

Here at AAT, we are constantly striving to improve upon our current repair solutions as well as develop new repairs for all of our services.

25 years of proven quality.

Flat Inspection Fees

Our inspection fees will never change, no matter the extent of the damage you have.

Gear R&R Assistance

Our team is more than happy to help you with any assistance you may require.

Best-In-Class 5 Year Warranty

We have one of the longest warranty periods in the industry and will always uphold it – guaranteed.

Extensive Repair Engineering Solutions

We have always favored repair over replace. We want to save you time and money!

Certified Aviation Industry Leading Repair

We are always working on design improvement and are an FAA Certified Repair Station #GQRR443L.

Fast Turn AOG

We are centrally located for both East and West Coast deliveries. We have the parts on hand and over $3M on-hand inventory support.


Our FAA certifications and process management protocols ensure exceptional turn time, competitive pricing and reliable performance of repairs & fabrication.  AAT is an Air Agency Certified FAA Certified Repair Station organization with AS9100, CASE 1-A, ARSA, EASA certifications.

  • C.A.S.E. 1-A Registered
  • Air Agency Certificate – FAA Certified Repair Station #GQRR443L
  • EASA
  • ARSA, Aeronautical Repair Station Association
  • Gulfstream Supplier Approval
  • Certified Welders: AWS D-17.1/2010
  • Certified Welders, Ops Specs mil-i-45208
  • Level 2 NDT In-House Inspections
  • Level 3 NDT Sub-Contracted Inspection Services
  • AS9110 & ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System
  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001-2008
  • Parts Manufacturing Authority
  • Air Agency Certificate

AOG Service

Our expert staff has gained an industry-wide reputation of responding to critical AOG situations with fast-turn delivery of superior quality repairs. Our 24/7 AOG team quickly assesses the parts & materials required to get your aircraft back into service, preventing further delays or cancellations of your planned itinerary.

Call the AOG team: 214.478.7854